KM-5020 Hair Clipper
KM-5020 Hair Clipper
KM-5020 Hair Clipper
KM-5020 Hair Clipper
KM-5020 Hair Clipper
KM-5020 Hair Clipper
Kemei Pakistan

KM-5020 Hair Clipper

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  • 8 hours charging
  • 45 minutes performance
  • Easy usage
  • Simple to use
  • Ideal for thick and frizzy hair
  • All accessories included
  • Comfortable to hold while clipping
  • 6 months warranty

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Box includes: KM-5020  Adjustable Blades Hair Clipper, (3,6,9,12mm limit combs) , 1 Cleaning Brush, 1 Oil Bottle, Charging Adapter, and Warranty card

After shaving your head or other body parts, the first thing you need to do is to clip your hair. If you have a good clipper, the process will be very quick and the results will be quite according to your expectations. However, most of the time, it becomes a hard nut to crack to get a good haircut. Kemei has resolved this issue by presenting a KM-5020 hair clipper. It provides you with the required performance within a short time as compared to other hair clippers.

The KM-5020 hair clipper is a simple, basic hair clipper that can be used by both men and women. It is even fit for children and teenagers. This hair clipper has a rounded design, with an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in your hand. The body is made of durable BPA-free plastic, with a smooth surface resistant to scratches. It comes with an adjustable cutting length setting. So, this feature enables you to make the hair length adjustment without removing it from the clipper. With its adjustable length cutting blades, you can get the perfect haircut every time.

This amazing hair clipper is a very good hair trimmer as well. Kemei has designed it particularly for people who can’t afford expensive hair clipper trimmers. It has all the basic features you need and a few extra features as well. This hair clipper comes with a cleaning brush that you can use to clean the blades after use. The blades are made of stainless steel for more durability.

The KM-5020 is a great choice for a person who needs a professional hair clipper that is easy to use. This hair clipper is lightweight and easy to carry while moving around. The tool comes with an adjustable comb, a strong motor, and a 6 monthly warranty. This hair clipper is available at a discounted price, but for a limited time.