Kemei Brand Review: Is It a Good Brand in Pakistan? What’s its Origin?

Kemei has come out as one of the leading beauty and personal care brands. The quality and affordability of the products have made the brand much popular in less time. Also, it has become a market leader in many countries of the world.

Kemei is a Chinese company, but in recent years it has captured the Pakistani market. Whether it is an online or an offline store, you will find Kemei beauty and personal care products everywhere.

Kemei offers products for both men and women. Its main products are electric hair clippers, shavers, hair straighteners, and eyebrow trimmers. Also, it deals in epilators, hairdryers, curlers, and crimpers. An excellent variety of all of these products is available in Pakistan.

People who are using Kemei products in Pakistan are extremely satisfied with the quality of the products. According to many customers, quality with affordability is the trademark of this Kemei brand.

Beyond the products themselves, the way in which Kemei sells its products is impressive. All of its products come in nice packaging and are sold from physical stores to over the internet to people all over Pakistan.

What Different YouTubers Say about Kemei and its Products

YouTube Channel: Merium Pervaiz

Kemei Product: 3 in 1 Hair Straightener KM-1291

In this video, Merium Pervaiz is talking about Kemei 3 in 1 hair straightener KM-1291. It is a multi-purpose product. It works like a hair straightener, curler, and crimper.

According to her, Kemei is a good brand, and its 3 in 1 hair straightener is worth using. Its build quality is good, and it is simple and easy to use.

Merium used the hair straightener first and found it pretty amazing. She gave it 9.5 out of 10 for her dyed hair. Also, she applied both the curler and crimper on her hair and got the best results. While using the crimper, she held the machine for 15, 10, and 5 seconds and found almost the same results. Later she found that there is no need to hold the machine for long, as even in 5 seconds, the result was pretty amazing. Also, the curler made her fall in love with the product.

YouTube Channel: Duck Barber

Kemei Product: Kemei KM-1971 Hair Clipper


In this video, Duck Barber is talking about Kemei hair clipper KM-1971. It is a skeleton trimmer having a unique design (snake-like skin on the body).


Duck Barber explained that KM-1971 comes with a Type-C USB charging cable which is the best thing about this hair clipper. And the machine is neither too heavy nor too light.

When testing the trimmer, he used both the original blade and the ceramic blade. He wanted to test both blades to compare the results.

The trimming results were quite similar, but Duck Barber found the original one better than the ceramic blade. The cutting performance of the original blade was quite excellent.

YouTube Channel: Been the Shopaholic

Kemei Product: Kemei KM-189A Epilator


In this video, the YouTuber is reviewing Kemei KM-189A epilator. It is a great product that effectively plucks hairs from roots without giving you pain.


The machine gets fully charged in 8 hours and works for 40 minutes. It doesn’t come with a complete charger, but you can insert the USB charging cable into any standard adapter.

The YouTuber further explained that the epilator has two-speed modes and an LED light to lighten up the area on which the epilator is moving.

The best thing about this product is its two ends available next to its head. When you move the head on your skin, these ends help you stretch your skin to avoid pain while removing your hairs. Also, a little comb on the back of the head gives a gentle massage after removing hairs to prevent redness and skin irritation.