Hair Straightener and Hair styler work by heating a hair using an electrical current, which makes it rise up from its resting state to a longer state, where it is straightened. This process is called curling.
No matter what kind of hair you have, there is probably a hair straightener that will work for it. Some work best for curly hair, others for coarse hair, and others for long hair.
Hair straighteners come in many shapes and sizes, but all work in the same way: they heat up to a specific temperature and then restrict the flow of the material you want to style. As you stand on a moving platform, the heat generated by the straightening element is transferred to the material being straightened, causing it to change its shape and temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the material is bent.
A hair straightener is a handheld device used to straighten and style the hair. It consists of a heating element, which is attached to a plate with one or more clips at one end. It heats up to a specific temperature and holds the plate away so the hair on the plate is heated. The clips are then used to hold the hair near the scalp so it can be straightened and styled.
Straighteners are a staple in any woman\'s hair care arsenal. They are one of the most convenient and fastest ways to straighten hair. They are also some of the more expensive tools. Today we are going to give you a look at how a straightener works and what options you have for getting the best results out of it.
When it comes to hair straighteners, Kemei brings two main types: the ones that take heat to make your hair smooth and shiny, and those that use heat to heat your hair to help it dry more quickly after washing. The latter tends to make your hair look a little bit curly (this is what some people like, but for some, it can be a deal-breaker). Both types work well, but the way they work is slightly different — so it pays to know the difference between the two, and how to choose between them.
Price Comparison for Hair Straighteners

Brand Price range
Kemei Rs 1,199 - 3.390
NOVA Rs 450 - 2,250
BabyLiss Rs 1,599 - 5,000
Philips Rs 2,699 - 6,838
Keune Rs 1,230 - 7,920
Braun Rs 1,549 - 5,101
Panasonic  Rs 3,290 - Rs 7,999
Havell  Rs 5,229 - 7,269
Remington  Rs 4,250 - 8,400