KM-5013 Hair Clipper
KM-5013 Hair Clipper
KM-5013 Hair Clipper
KM-5013 Hair Clipper
KM-5013 Hair Clipper
KM-5013 Hair Clipper
KM-5013 Hair Clipper
Kemei Pakistan

KM-5013 Hair Clipper

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  • Usage time 60 minutes
  • 8 hours charging time
  • Electroplating body
  • 3W power consumption
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Easy usage
  • Comfortable grip
  • 6 months warranty

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Box includes:  1 hair trimmer, 2 limit combs, cleaning brush, instructions manual, protective cover, USB charging cable, and warranty card .

The KM-5013 is one of the best hair clippers for all hair types. It has a large power setting, which makes it easy to cut long hair. The KM-5013 is also ultra-quiet while you are using it for trimming and clipping. So you can operate easily with soft and gentle movements. With this hair clipper, you will not have to worry about hair fall. It stimulates the hair roots and prevents them from split ends.

For men, short or long hair is a matter of personal choice. However, women like to have long hair. You can use this tool on every length of the hair. Some feel that long hair looks beautiful while others prefer to cut it short and make it stylish. Kemei has launched this tool for every gender and for all ages. Even, you can use this tool on children’s hair. It doesn’t damage their sensitive scalp. That is why the KM-5013 Hair Clipper is the best hair clipper that can be used to cut both short and long hair.

The KM-5013 Hair Clipper is a tool that can be used for cutting your hair to stylize them. It brings a noise-free performance even though the motor is very powerful.  You can use the hair clipper to cut your hair as a single hair. The hair clipper ensures a long-time performance of around 60 minutes with full charging. It is charged fully within 8 hours. Now, you get excellent performance without damaging your scalp or skin. It comes with a carbon steel blade that’s durable for years. The body is made of electroplating that is solid and makes your grip easier. Moreover, you need only 3W power to charge it. The tool is compact and lightweight. That’s why; it is considered the best hair clipper trimmer for travelers and campers. It is only 341g while in packing. The compact size is easy to fit into a toilet cabinet or a drawer.