Kemei Km-1869 Black Head Cleaning Apparatus Pore Technology
Kemei Km-1869 Black Head Cleaning Apparatus Pore Technology
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Kemei KM-1869 Black Head Cleaning Apparatus Pore Cleaning Technology

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  • 6 Months Brand Warranty 
  • Different Sizes of Diamond Tips 
  • Strong Suction
  • Easy to Use 
  • Usb Charge 

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Customer Reviews

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Asim Thebo


Kindly register complain on whatsapp with photos or video

Lubna Shiraz

It has very low suction power. I want to change it with better one. Please resolve my issue. Battery power is very low. Can it change with USB charger one?

Kemei KM-1869 Electric Portable Removal Blackhead Suction Facial Pore Cleaner Acne Remover Tool Kit Skin Care Beauty Machine 

About the product

  • Problems Solved - Coarse pore, rough skin, dark skin, exfoliate dead skin, blackhead and pore of skin, dirt nose and improve skin elasticity. Can save your money, makes a big difference on your skin.
  • 6 Different Sizes of Diamond Tips - Microcrystalline Ion Probe is designed to exfoliate dead skin, remove corneum. Big Round Probe has the characteristic of strong suction, headblack removal. Small Round Probe suitable for sensetive skin(such as ocular region).Oval Probe keeps skin tighting and elastic.
  • Strong Suction - Suction strength is adjustable, this comedo and blackhead suction set has 5 diferent gears. Effectively to suck out the nose blackhead and acne.
  • Easy to Use - Easy to clean, the 4 tips of the blackhead removal can be washable. Easy to use. Easy to assemble.
  • Usb Charge - You can charge the pore cleanser machine anywhere with usb cable, What’s more, it is cordless provide you a comfort quiet facial cleaning environment.

  How to use:

  • In the cold and dry weather, don't use the machine only. Suggest you using it after taking a hot bath or put a hot towel on your face for 10 minutes at least, the best way to use it after using a hot face steamer .
  •  And then use cotton piece to daub blackhead liquid derived on blackheads place.
  • Put a small round suction head mounted to the host.Press the power button to turn on the instrument and press"on-off button" to adjust the suction intensity.
  •  Along the location of blackhead from the top down move slowly , not so stay.Otherwise easy to make the skin red and purple.
  • After sucking blackhead, adopt ice towel cold compress and use moisturizing products timely to help shrink the pores,relieve discomfort.

 Warm prompt:

  • please don’t use it on scarred skin.
  • Please don’t wash the device.
  • After using it,take down the probe and use cotton swab with alcohol or cleansing cream to clean it.
  • Please clean the nozzle before and after use.
  • No need the dimaond sand to scrub with,can wash the nozzle in water.Also please use the facial toner on face after use